Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Twin Otter Update for 07-Dec-2016

  • The Viking Series 400 Production List has been updated
  • The DHC-6 Operators for Africa/Middle East has been updated
  • 15:00 - Corrected MSN for Caverton from 937 to 934.

420 - DHC-6-300 HB-LUM Zimex Aviation Ltd., Glattbrugg

Flew Hassi Messaoud - Mahon - Montpellier 07-Dec-2016.

Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

934 - DHC-6-400 C-GLVA Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Repainted into Caverton Helicopters c/s, and noted at Victoria, BC 06-Dec-2016. This aircraft had originally arrived from the paint shop in Spokane 10-Jan-2016 in an all white scheme. This is the second Series 400 for Caverton, joining MSN 864 which was delivered in 2013.

MSN 934 - DHC-6-400 C-GLVA
Caverton Helicopters
Victoria, BC 06-Dec-2016
Tim Martin Photo

951 - DHC-6-400 C-GFVT Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Spokane, WA 06-Dec-2016 for painting.

With thanks to Ger Buskermolen, a contribution of Winair's PJ-WIH seen at Beef Island, BVI in 1995. 

MSN 766 - DHC-6-300 PJ-WIH
Beef Island, BVI 29-Sep-1995
Ger Buskermolen Photo

Monday, 5 December 2016

Twin Otter Update for 05-Dec-2016

Skybus Upgrades Twin Otter Fleet With New Livery & Interior Refresh

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company is making a £530,000 investment in its Skybus fleet of aircraft to include new interiors, enhanced navigation systems and an eye-catching new livery.

Six of the eight-strong fleet will be fitted with brand new interiors including all new trim, carpets and soundproofing in time for the start of the busy holiday season next Easter.Five of the fleet will be entirely repainted, which means stripping the aircraft back to bare metal, while all eight aircraft will be decorated with a new red, white and blue tail fin design.

The upgrades are being carried out between now and next April. This is when the fleet normally undergoes annual maintenance, which takes around four weeks for each aircraft and is phased so there is no disruption to services.
The Skybus fleet has also been fitted with new satellite landing technology called EGNOS which is like satnav for aircraft and will improve operational resilience during times of poor weather.
Rob Goldsmith, chief executive of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, said: “This is a major investment by the company in improving passenger comfort and operational resilience.
“With five of the fleet due to be repainted we have also taken the opportunity to refresh the appearance of the aircraft with a bright new livery. Our first repainted and upgraded Twin Otter has just returned and more aircraft will follow in the coming months.”

Steamship Group Chairman, Andrew May, added: ‘Our strategic goal is to improve the scheduled transport links with the islands, by both sea and air, over the long term. By this we mean transport links which meet the demands and requirements of our passengers and customers, such that our services are reliable, resilient, of high quality and affordable.’
Over the last five years the Steamship Company has invested £12.5 million in strengthening transport links to the Isles of Scilly, including the acquisition of an eighth Skybus aircraft and most recently a new freight ship, the Mali Rose.
The Skybus fleet is made up of four 19-seater DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft and four eight-seater BN2 Islander aircraft.

All three of Skydive San Diego's (TAC Air Ops) Twin Otters, and Blackhawk Caravan are seen on the ground at the company field in Jamul, CA (east of San Diego).
The company operates MSN 202 N711AS, MSN 644 N300DZ and MSN 767 N3PY. If anyone has any nice shots of the middle one to contribute, that would be great!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Twin Otter Update for 02-Dec-2016

Viking Announces Skytek as 1st Factory Endorsed Service Centre for Twin Otter Aircraft in Asia-Pacific 

Victoria, British Columbia, December 1st, 2016: Viking Air Limited of Victoria, BC, Canada welcomes Skytek Pty. Ltd. of Cairns, Australia to the Series 400 Twin Otter support network as the first Factory Endorsed Service Centre (“FESC”) in the Asia-Pacific region. Skytek’s location in northern Queensland, combined with their extensive Twin Otter maintenance experience, makes them the ideal choice for a Viking-certified service facility for legacy de Havilland and Series 400 Twin Otter operators in southeast Asia and Australia. 

Over the past 20 years, Skytek have demonstrated an increasing level of dependable Twin Otter maintenance services to a widespread customer base in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar, including Series 400 Twin Otter operators Hevilift and Ok Tedi Development Foundation. 

Stanko Paleksic, Viking’s Technical Support manager, was responsible for conducting a technical audit in support of Skytek’s application for the FESC program. He commented, “Skytek is already the maintenance facility of choice for many of our Series 400 operators, so to have them join our support network as an FESC is a natural progression of our corporate relationship. Skytek’s focus on delivering quality service from their maintenance facility in Australia, as well as the services they provide at customer bases throughout southeast Asia, will be an asset to all Twin Otter operators in the region.” 

The FESC program, administered through Viking’s Global Customer Support group, develops strategic partnerships with specialized industry professionals to provide factory recognized service and warranty repairs for both Viking Series 400 Twin Otters and the legacy de Havilland fleet. 

About Skytek: Based in Cairns, Australia, Skytek is a privately owned company with over 20 years of experience providing support, heavy maintenance, aircraft modifications and component overhaul for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, including the Series 300 and Series 400 Twin Otter. 

382 - DHC-6-300 C-FUGT Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Calgary, AB

Registered 01-Dec-2016, ex 8Q-IAH.

The ex-Maldivian Twin Otter 8Q-IAF is seen outside the Kenn Borek facility yesterday, after arrival from its return ferry flight. Thanks to Dave Subelack for the photo.

MSN 447 - DHC-6-300 8Q-IAF
Island Aviation Services (Kenn Borek Air)
Calgary-Int'l, AB 01-Dec-2016
Dave Subelack Photo

Air Vanuatu's latest Twin Otter is seen below at Norsup, on Malakula Island. Vanuatu. This is the former P2-KSU, which was delivered to Port Vila on 30-Sep-2016.

MSN 673 - DHC-6-300 YV-AV12
Air Vanuatu
Norsup, Vanuatu
Photo via Christophe Sandoz

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Twin Otter Update for 01-Dec-2016

447 - DHC-6-300 8Q-IAF Island Aviation Services, Male (Maldivian)
Updating entry for 30-Nov-2016; flew Iqaluit, NU - Thompson, MB - Calgary-Int'l, AB 30-Nov/01-Dec-2016, returning to Kenn Borek Air after lease. At the time of writing, the aircraft is just north of Drumheller, AB.
As with the previous aircraft (MSN 382) returning from the Maldives, the ferry flight was undertaken by World Wide Ferry of Calgary.
Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

950 - DHC-6-400 C-FVAM Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Flew Spokane, WA - Victoria, BC 01-Dec-2016 after painting.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Twin Otter Update for 30-Nov-2016

The following pages have been updated:

  • Viking Series 400 Production
  • DHC-6 Operators Africa/Middle East
  • DHC-6 Operators Canada
  • DHC-6 Operators Indian Ocean
  • DHC-6 Operators USA

AeroGeo and SKOL to operate Rosneft’s Twin Otters

Russian oil company Rosneft will split its order for DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 aircraft between two local operators. Five out of 10 aircraft purchased by RN-Aircraft, Rosneft’s aviation division, will be operated by SKOL, a private operator registered in Surgut. It has an affiliate office in Krasnoyarsk, where the aircraft are based. The remaining five aircraft will be operated by Krasnoyarsk-based AeroGeo, which was responsible for the acceptance and ferrying of the aircraft.
In mid-October AeroGeo delivered to Krasnoyarsk the eighth of the ten aircraft ordered by Rosneft in August 2015.
At the moment Rosneft is transferring three DHC-6s to SKOL. Later on, when the final two aircraft of the batch reach Russia, they will also be added to SKOL’s fleet. All of these aircraft will be based on Cheremshanka airport, 2 km from Krasnoyarsk’s main airport Yemelyanovo.
SKOL was one of the candidates to perform the aircraft acceptance procedures, however AeroGeo’s offer was more competitive and won RN-Aircraft’s tender.
“We’ve got the flight crews and the technicians in place to start operating the aircraft. At the moment we are initiating procedures for registering the new type with our Air Operator Certificate. So we are gearing up to start operations and count on the launch before the end of the year,” the SKOL representative told Russian Aviation Insider.
According to Federal Air Transport Agency, SKOL currently operates Airbus Helicopters AS350 B3, Mi-171, Mi-8Т/АМТ, Mi-26Т helicopters and Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and YaK-40 airplanes.
The remaining five DHC-6 aircraft will be operated by AeroGeo from its base in Krasnoyarsk-Severny airport. Just one DHC-6 is currently registered in the operator’s AOC. “Rosneft hasn’t yet come up with the idea how to use this aircraft, and AeroGeo is not authorized to use it in third party interests without coordinating it with the owner. So the aircraft is just basically sitting there,” an industry source told Russian Aviation Insider. No comment was available from the operator.
SKOL is to become the fourth operator of Twin Otters, after AeroGeo (May 2016), Aurora (2014) and ChukotAvia (end of 2012).

382 - DHC-6-300 8Q-IAH Island Aviation Services, Male (Maldivian)
Officially imported to Canada 29-Nov-2016. Aircraft was returned to Calgary on 10-Nov-2016 after lease.

447 - DHC-6-300 8Q-IAF Island Aviation Services, Male (Maldivian)
Updating entry for 26-Nov-2016; flew Hurghada - Nis - Wick - Keflavík - Iqaluit, NU 27/30-Nov-2016 as it continues toward Calgary on return to Kenn Borek Air.

533 - DHC-6-300 C-FAKB Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Calgary, AB
Registered 29-Nov-2016, ex PJ-WIJ. Aircraft had arrived back in Calgary on 13-May-2016, and was officially imported on 31-Oct-2016.

687 - DHC-6-300 C-FMQX Ashe Aircraft Enterprises Ltd., Calgary, AB

Flight planned for Springbank, AB - Calgary-Int'l, AB 30-Nov-2016. C-FMQX is the former XC-DIO which was acquired by Gravitas Aviation in 2015, and subsequently sold to Rocky Mountain Aircraft. It arrived in Springbank in Oct-2015.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Twin Otter Update for 26-Nov-2016

447 - DHC-6-300 8Q-IAF Island Aviation Services, Male (Maldivian)

Flew Male - Al Ain - Hurghada  24/26-Nov-2016 returning to Canada after lease. The aircraft had been operating in the Maldives since 09-Dec-2014, and is seen below upon its arrival there. As with the delivery flight in 2014, the return is being flown by World Wide Ferry.

MSN 447 - DHC-6-300 C-GKBQ
Island Aviation Services/Maldivian
Male, Maldives 09-Dec-2014
Bas Sam Photo

Maps generated by the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Twin Otter Update for 23-Nov-2016

A couple naked Twin Otters noted in Gander, yesterday. Both have been available for sale, C-GLAI with 63,205 hrs TTAF, and C-FGON with 62, 101 hrs TTAF. 

MSN 296 - DHC-6-300 C-GLAI
Air Labrador
Gander, NL 22-Nov-2016
Garry Donovan Photo

MSN 369 - DHC-6-300 C-FGON
Air Labrador
Gander, NL 22-Nov-2016
Garry Donovan Photo

71 - DHC-6-100 C-GGLE 3119378 Canada Inc., Fort Simpson, NT

Departed Pitt Meadows, BC 18-Nov-2016 bound for Fort Simpson, NT. The aircraft had been in Pitt Meadows since 12-Oct-2016 for removal of the floats.

320 - DHC-6-300 N322AV Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT (Avmax Aircraft Leasing)

Flew Great Falls, MT - Sheridan, WY - Lamar, TX - San Marcos, TX 18/19-Nov-2016, presumably on delivery to Berry Aviation Inc. where it would join MSN 521 N418AV.

949 - DHC-6-400 C-GVFP Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Updating entry for 10-Nov-2016, flew Spokane, WA - Victoria, BC as VKN949 10-Nov-2016 after painting. The aircraft is seen below on arrival in Victoria, with thanks to Tim Martin (who notes as well that the emergency placards on the exterior are in Spanish).

MSN 949 - DHC-6-400 C-GVFP
Viking Air
Victoria, BC 10-Nov-2016
Tim Martin Photo